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Trinitia Sunless Spray Tan Solutions - Web Design

Here at Trinitia we offer the some of the best help there is out there for therapists whether you are new to spray tanning just want to change to a more professional product; we are here for you. We at  Trinitia pride ourselves on our Customer Service so you can be sure we will never let you down.

We have the best in the business with our unique team of experts. They each have many years in the beauty industry ensuring that you get the best Customer Service, help, advice, support and more.

Trinitia was founded in 2007 and is already becoming one of the leading suppliers in the tanning industry because of our fantastic products and excellent services.

Sunless Tanning is the Safest, Easiest Way!

It's the easiest way to give yourself a complete makeover in just minutes. Trinitia adds beautiful natural-looking colour to your skin without the harmful exposure to the sun.

With all the hype about safe tanning this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Created using natural active ingredients including Aloe Vera to hydrate and nourish your skin. Trinitia solution contains no Parabens, Alcohol Oils and no unpleasant odour usually associated with tanning solutions.

Instead, you are treated to a delicious vanilla essence whilst our products work with your natural skin tones to create a long lasting, streak free, golden tan every time. Your skin will be screaming for more.

  • Trinitia Tan
    Professional Spray Tan Solution

    A Trinitia Tan spray tan is a 10 minute treatment that can be washed off in as little as 2 hours*. It will develop into a natural gorgeous sunless tan. Manufactured to our own formula, Trinitia Professional Spray Tan contains natural moisturisers to hydrate your skin and no alcohol which has been proven to dry the skin and shorten your tans life. Our Solutions are non-sticky, fast drying and comes with a warm glow guide colour and No Parabens All have a summertime scent of...


  • Spray Tan Tents / Spray Tan Cubicles

    We are all aware that these days someone will find a way of making replica misfits of genuine products. Take women’s bags as an example. We all know that Gucci bags cost well into the hundreds sometime close to the thousands of pounds. Then on the market they are £50 marketed as Gucci. Unfortunately this can be the same with Spray Tanning Tents / Cubicles as well. The original spray tanning tent was designed, patented and registered to the designer at The Spray Tan Cubicle Company...


  • Do I Need Spray Tan Training

    Do I need training? Everybody needs training. I know I would not want to go to a tanning therapist that has had no professional training! Would you? Don’t worry help is at hand. Full training is available across the country. Our accredited training course covers so much more than just practical demonstrations of spray tanning because we have listened to what you want. Here are just some of the ways you can benefit... You’ll get lots of repeat business The course...


  • What Spray Tanning Machine Should I Choose?

    Trinitia Spray Tanning Solutions only offer UK produced machines that are specifically designed for the spray tanning market because with so many machines on offer these days it is a little difficult to know exactly what machine will be best for you and your business as you do not want to be buying a machine that was originally design for fence panel spraying. Believe me they are out there. Below is a breakdown of the 2 best machines currently on the market. TS20 Machine (also...


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