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Start Your Own Business and Earn £££'s

Starting your own Spray Tanning Business could not be easier. Trinitia Spray Tanning Solutions offer you the full package from spray tanning equipment to retail products along with promotional material to aftercare. We have it ALL.

Prices start from just £199.00 Inc Delivery and include everything you need to get started straight away. Did I mention that we also include our Online Training?

So what package is best for you?. Well we have a team of experts on hand to help with that but here are a few options.

  1. Our Home/Student kit is perfect for those wanting to in spray tanning but are working to a tight budget.
  2. Our ProMist kits are a must for those serious about business. Each kit is tailored to enable those who want to profitable business to start tanning straight away. It comes with everything including promotional material to help advertise your business.

So why choose spray tanning as your business?

·         It’s safe

Spray tanning is the safest form of tanning. It will not harm your skin like the sun. Trinitia Professional spray tan solution contains no Parabens, Alcohol or Oils so it is great for the skin. Not to mention it is made with natural active ingredients to work with your natural skin tone ensuring your skin is fully nourished as well as tanned. 

·         It’s easy

To apply a full body spray tan takes around 10 minutes. At £20 (average) per full body tan that’s around £120 per hour. If you had a full 5 hours tanning per day that’s £600. Not bad for a day’s work.

·         Its profitable

Trinitia solutions cost £39.95 per litre and on average you will get around 18-20 full body tans from 1 litre. So let’s do the maths

20 tans @ £20 each = £400

£400 - £40.74 = £360.05 profit from 1 litre of tan

As stated before there is no reason why you cannot make £££ per day tanning.

·         It fits in with your needs

Whether you are a stay at home mum, work in a salon or want a full time business it really is down to you. Spray tanning can fit around any situation.  You are in control, you decide if and when you want to work. You are your own boss. Feel like a day off - take it. Feel like a holiday – go. Children not well – Stay at home with them. No need to call your boss and ask permission to stay at home because guess what?? You are THE BOSS.

Spray Tanning will continue to be successful for so many people out there, for example;

  • ·         Mums who want to get back into work
  • ·         Part time for that extra income
  • ·         Salons wanting to offer additional treatments
  • ·         Mobile beauticians wanting to offer additional treatments
  • ·         People who want to be their own boss
  • ·         People who want a profitable full time business

The possibilities are endless and as an added bonus Trinitia will be there to  help you every step of the way.

Start – Middle - and Beyond