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Spray Tan Tents / Spray Tan Cubicles

The original spray tan tentWe are all aware that these days someone will find a way of making replica misfits of genuine products. Take women’s bags as an example. We all know that Gucci bags cost well into the hundreds sometime close to the thousands of pounds. Then on the market they are £50 marketed as Gucci.

Unfortunately this can be the same with Spray Tanning Tents / Cubicles as well. The original spray tanning tent was designed, patented and registered to the designer at The Spray Tan Cubicle Company Ltd. They have been distributing tents to other companies for a number of years but not long after lift off the fakes were born.

So why is it important to buy a genuine cubicle?

Well the main reason is Health and Safety. The genuine cubicles comply with UK legislation. This means that they are fire retardant and water proof. They do not contain material which can cause any harm. They are also manufactured to ISO9000 standards.

The fakes are NOT flame retardant. And are NOT waterproof and do NOT comply with UK policies.

These are Fake Cubicles
Images of Fake Pop Up Cubicles


If you spill some tanning solution inside of a cubicle the following may happen:-

Fake – It will seep through onto a customer’s carpet as it is not waterproof. You will then possibly have a problem on your hands as you will need to replace the carpet.

Genuine - The tanning solution will sit in the floor of your cubicle so you can easily clean it up with couch roll. It will not seep through onto the floor beneath saving you money in the long run.

Fake – Following a couple times of use you may find that they start to fall apart which in turn creates difficulty in getting them back into the bag.

Genuine – After numerous uses you will still find that the cubicle withstands most wear and tear and still no problems in getting it back into the bag.

How do I spot a fake from a genuine cubicle?

All genuine cubicles have labels inside. The fakes do not have any labels. If they do they are usually poor copies.

Also the genuine original design from the Spray Tan Cubicle Company has its logo printed on the Fire Retardant label at the front of the cubicle. make sure that there is printing on both sides of this label. Fakes will only have one side printed on

So where can I get a Genuine Spray Tan Tent / Cubicle form?

Well Trinitia Spray Tanning Supplies (distributor for the Spray Tan Cubicle Company Ltd) are the best source for your cubicles. They are the genuine UK tents and come with a full 12 month warranty as well. They ARE flame retardant and waterproof.