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Trinitia Tan
Professional Spray Tan Solution

A Trinitia Tan spray tan is a 10 minute treatment that can be washed off in as little as 2 hours*.
It will develop into a natural gorgeous sunless tan.

Manufactured to our own formula, Trinitia Professional Spray Tan contains natural moisturisers to hydrate your skin and no alcohol which has been proven to dry the skin and shorten your tans life.
Our Solutions are non-sticky, fast drying and comes with a warm glow guide colour and No Parabens

All have a summertime scent of vanilla.

Available in 4 Gorgeous shades to suit every colour choice.

8percentDHA Sun Kissed 8% DHA
Perfect for anyone with fair skin. The Sun Kissed 8% solution will even out the skin tone and will achieve a tan 2 shades darker.
10percent DHA Tanned 10% DHA
If you want a deeper golden brown colour. The Tanned Solution is our medium colour and will achieve a tan 3 shades darker.
12 Percent DHA Golden Brown 12% DHA
Perfect for olive skin tones. The Golden Glow is our medium to dark colour and will achieve a tan 4 shades darker.
16 Percent DHA Fast Tan 16% DHA*
Perfect for those wanting a wash and go tan or those of us that want that deeper golden tan. The Fast Tan will achieve a tan up to 6 shades darker.

Developing time for Fast Tan 16% DHA.
2 Hours – Achieves a tan 2 shades darker
4 Hours – Achieves a tan 3 shades darker
6 Hours – Achieves a tan 4 shades darker
8 Hours – Achieves a tan 6 shades darker

The above times are between your tan application treatment and showering.