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Tan Info

Before Your Tan

  • Wax/ Shave at least 24 hours before your tan. This will give time for your pores to close.
  • Exfoliate using a non oil based wash 24 hours before your tan.
  • Do NOT moisturise the day of you tan. If you do it will act as a barrier and affect your end results.
  • Do NOT wear perfume on the day of your tan. This can affect the development stages of your tan
  • Do NOT wear deodorant (if possible) on the day of your tan. This will have the same affect as the perfume.
  • Paint finger and toes nails before your tan. This will stop any staining on nails.
  • On the day of your treatment wear loose dark clothing and if possible wear flip flips. This will prevent your cloths rubbing you skin and affecting your tan.

After Your Tan

  • Let your tan develop for 8 Hours before showering it off. When you shower make sure you wash normally with shower gel. This will take off the excess tan.
  • To prolong your tan moisturise daily.

    To top up you tan use Trinitia’s Natural Self Tan Cream. This will allow your tan to stay darker for longer.
  • Your spray tan will last around 7-10 days if you look after it and moisturise daily. After which you will need to exfoliate again with a non oil based wash to remove all the excess tan. This will allow your skin to have a clean canvas ready for your next spray tan.
  • If you are someone who likes to have a tan every week that's great. Although we do advise to you to give your skin a little rest. It is advised to have a 1-2 week break from spray tans every 4-6 weeks. This just gives your skin time to recover and return to its natural form.