Online Training £49.95

Ever wanted to train in the comfort of your own home? Well now you are able to learn how to spray tan in your own time.

Training is so important even if you are purchasing a kit for yourself. You want to look good and have an even all over tan don’t you? You need to know about contra-indications and know how to get the best from a spray tan. If you are a business it gives you creditability over others and allows you to get insurance.

So how is this possible?

We at Trinitia have put together a website especially designed for you. You will be able to register and have you own unique login details. You will have to complete modules and there will questions at the end of each module that you have to complete.

You will have your own personal tutor whom you can call if you require help. You will also have access to HD video’s showing you in detail how to apply a spray tan correctly. At the end of your course you will need to complete a final exam. Upon completion you will be issued an accredited certificate ensuring you will be able to obtain insurance. 

So what are the benefits?

Venue Training

  • ·         Day off work
  • ·         Traveling costs
  • ·         Possible loss of a day’s holiday or a day’s pay depending on your work
  • ·         Possible childcare costs
  • ·         May need money for lunch if this is not provided.
  • ·         £75 + vat or more course costs

Online Training

  • ·         Complete it in your own time
  • ·         Study in your own home
  • ·         No need to lose any money as you can study after work or when the children have gone to bed
  • ·         Complete as quickly or as slowly as you want. You set the pace
  • ·         Fully accredited
  • ·         Special hints and tips
  • ·         Exclusive information relating to Marketing, Insurance, Banking and more
  • ·         Cheaper than venue training at ONLY £49.95 inc
  • ·         Full training manual provided